New character art – Yumea Lorithia, and Lilith

Since I had a university interview lately, I decided that leading up to it, I would re-draw some of my characters. Unfortunately, they didn’t all get a re-draw, however Yumea and Lilith made the cut!

Professional Yumea infoProfessional Yumea fb

Professional Lilith infoProfessional Lilith fb

Overall, no new techniques were used to make these new things. I tried to explore a little with making some profiles for the characters that gives their names and explains a little about them, but no new artistic techniques went into making these. I ADORE how they turned out! I would have liked to try a different pose for Lilith, but I was running out of time to make them in time for the interview, however in the future I might remake and update them! I think I will make similar profile cards for future characters that I make, because I really enjoyed making them!


New year, new art dump!

Over these past few weeks, I have found myself drawing a lot! I wasn’t sure whether to make separate posts for all of them or not, because some of this is fan art, and I wouldn’t usually post fan art, however to make it I used some techniques that are new to me. I’m not sure whether I can justify making a separate post per drawing, so instead I am going to time stamp each one, and talk about any new things I used/tried to make them!

4th January – Persona 5 inspired icons!

So, I’m a big fan of Persona 5, and in the new year had a big urge to make some icons for the characters that I have designed inspired by the text icons from Persona 5! I really wanted to experiment with shading, because in my few years of educated art, I have never been taught anything about shading techniques, and Persona 5 has a heavily western style shaded style, so it has inspired me to try something similar and try adding some dark shadows, because as an art style, I love the heavy shadows and messy lines!

All my persona gal icons transp.png

To make these, I made the box first, by making the lines and filling them with the right colours. This is where my techniques differ, because for Yumea and Lilith (the bottom two icons), I copied the line art for the faces and hair from my previous art, then filled in what I needed to with black and white, then drew the neck down and filled with black, then added the white shading and voila! However, for Mercy (the top icon), I drew her entirely from scratch in scale to the box. I got up reference of a side profile face in another window, and sketched her face in profile. I then filled things with the necessary block colours, added the white shading and jewellery, and that’s all folks! I am very pleased with how these look, I think my favourite icon is definitely Yumea (bottom right) because she just looks the most appealing.

5th January – Lunafreya

Since it has been the holidays, I felt like slacking off a little and making some fanart for my own enjoyment. One of my favourite games at the moment is Final Fantasy XV, and I wanted to make some art inspired by one of the most impactful chapters of the game. I didn’t expect it to turn out so well, and initially hadn’t intended to post it, but I learned a lot from making this, so why not talk about it!

Lunafreya and Tidemother

To make this, I first sketched out the main lines for Lunafreya (the lady with the trident), and Leviathan (as you could probably guess, the dragon creature). I took some time to try and scale their bodies right, which took a lot of re-positioning and re-sketching, and eventually was happy with how it looks! I then made the background by scribbling and blurring the clouds in. Then, I coloured the flat colours in, and then to add tone and depth, I blended in the shadows on the colour layer. This was very scary, because I have previously never done this before, however I think that for a first try it worked out really well! I then set the lines to multiply, and blurred the edges of some of Leviathan’s wings, the trident, and very faintly blurred the shadows on Lunafreya’s left arm, because its the corner of the drawing, and I want to attract the attention as much as possible to Lunafreya. I then added in some white sparkles with the custom freckle brush to represent water droplets made by Leviathan explodes out of the water.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Overall, I am so proud of this! I feel like Leviathan might need some work, because it feels like I need to add more detail to it’s head, and I’m annoyed at myself for forgetting to add the lighting onto Lunafreya, but I’m way too happy with this art to stay mad at myself. Eventually I’ll go back and fix what I don’t like, but currently I love this art! I want to try and use this messy blended colouring style for other art in the future, particularly if I make any environmental art, because it works really well in my opinion!

Fantasy character: Mercy updated

Back in March, I designed a character named Mercy. At the time I loved her design, but I wasn’t confidant enough to post anything for her on my blog. Recently however, I decided to give her a redesign, because I need to evolve my art and make more unique stuff for my portfolio, and I felt like my old art for her just didn’t do her justice. So, meet Mercy.

Chill Mercy new transp.png

Mercy is a performing sorceress / fire eater who got scorched by her own flames during a performance, hence the burn marks on her body. Her anatomy needed fixing because on the old art it just looked proportionally wrong, however I feel like it looks much better here. I changed a tonne of things for her outfit and appearance, because her old design was heavily influenced by her entertainer background as a performing dancer, however I decided that she needed to look more like the sorceress she is, so I gave her robes with warm tones inspired by flames, and shorts and gloves with coal grey tones. I wanted to give her plenty of jewellery because I felt like it tied into the chaotic sorceress look. I stuck with my scribbly messy lines because this is a style I like a lot, and I used a similar background technique to Yumea’s redesign because I really like that Breath of the Wild concept look, except this time I tried to make Mercy’s background look like flames to add more of her personality. The burn marks are now vastly improved too, because I had accessibility to custom brushed, so I used this brush with a darker tone than her skin to make her burns look more like burns and less like purple blobs.

Overall, I am very happy with this character redesign. I am glad that I held off posting about this character previously because the old art was abysmal compared to this, however a part of me wished I had so that her evolution could have been seen the whole way. Never the less, she is on my blog now so she finally made it! Her design has come a super long way and I’m genuinely proud of how far my art has come in just half a year!

Summer Project: Ballet movement animation part 1

Over the summer holidays, I decided to try and animate a ballet movement for my portfolio. I myself am a ballerina, so I filmed a movement and used that for reference. I then repeatedly watched the footage and looked for the main poses within the movement to use as the main keyframes. I made rough sketches of each keyframe poses, along with taking note of the time-stamp, and then worked out where this should be in frames.

These images will be replaced with proper scans later on…

I then took the time to keyframe and animation block the main poses of the movement. This took quite a long time because I was having some issues with actually getting the frames to save into the timeline, however I managed to sort it out through the graph editor. I made a quick playblast so that I can show what I have so far.

Unfortunately, this was as far as I managed to get with the project so far because I took quite a lot of time to make the hammer textures, however I plan to try and complete it as soon as possible so that I have something unique for my portfolio.

Fantasy character: Yumea Lorithia updated

Many months ago, I created a character named Yumea Lorithia, and made a post about her here on my blog about my development process for making her. Recently however, I decided to go back and redesign her again, because my art style has changed significantly and I had ideas about things I wanted to change.

Yumea season 2.png

As you can see, my art style has impacted her greatly, however I have changed a lot about her armour, weapons and general design overall. I kept the scarf because it fits her character, however the armour and the sword got a redesign because in my previous art for her they looked bland, and this armour fits her aesthetic more. I wanted the sword to look special because generic weapons look boring, so since her character is based around nature I decided to make her sword look more flowery, and to fit this aesthetic I decided to give her a flower crown, because it makes her look unique. I have also taken to using a specific brush to make a painty background, inspired by the Breath of the Wild concept art, because I think it compliments my new messy art style.

Overall, I am super happy with this new design for her. I rarely have much to show for original character design, so even though the character isn’t new, the new art style was something I really wanted to show off, because I am finally happy with how my art looks as a whole, however the armour, weapon, and overall design change of the character is also something that I am super proud of, because considering that there is only half a year between these drawings, I feel like her design has come a long way.

I have other characters that I have designed but not made posts on, so in the upcoming weeks I may post some redesigns of those too, because the original art of those characters wasn’t too amazing, however I feel like I’m starting to find my feet again with digital art and I have found that I’m spending more of my free time making and redesigning characters, so this feels like a good opportunity to show off that improvement.

Personal 3D Modelling project: Aqua’s Armour (Kingdom Hearts BBS)

Over the past few months, I have spent a lot of time making various parts for my most recent cosplay, Aqua from Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, and I was having trouble figuring out how to make her armour, so I decided to take some time to make some 3D models of her armour as a way of figuring out a good way to construct it in real life.

I took a few days to make some 3D models for the parts I was struggling to make, which includes her Keyblade Armour (from the top of her sleeves), and her small silver badge (from the intersection of the purple straps).

Making these 3D models didn’t involve any new techniques, but they still feel worth blogging about because I made them not only for cosplay purposes, but also to practice making things with Maya so that I don’t forget how to. Nothing really went wrong while I was making these 3D models, so there isn’t really anything groundbreaking or technical to talk about regarding them. But overall, I’m very proud of these 3D models, because making them with Maya gave me some good insight on how to make them in real life, and how to make templates so that I could replicate them with Worbla.

In the future, I plan to make Aqua’s keyblades for this cosplay, and I think that before I go to construct them in real life, I will likely construct them in Maya first (because this time around it worked out really well to give insight on how to construct these things), so in the future I might make some posts about keyblades or other miscellaneous cosplay parts.

Cartoon Character design: Eryth Myrrah

For a long time, I have wanted to create a Victorian character inspired by the work of Lovecraft, and recently I made that dream a reality. I needed to add some diversity to my concept art, and a cartoon styled character felt like a fun way to do it, so I decided on a chibi art style, and thought up some backstory for the character.

This character is called Eryth Myrrah. She is a Lovecraftian-inspired ghost hunter, and she is an angel who studies ghosts, undead, and the final moments before death, in order to avenge a lost loved one. She puts herself in harms way and acts rashly in order to study more effectively, but deep down is haunted by her dangerous studies, however, she hides it with an upbeat and lighthearted exterior. I wanted to create a fallen angel, not in the sense that this character is a demon, but just in the sense that this angel is no longer a good, lawful angel. She has committed crimes, murdered based on vigilante justice, and carried out many grotesque experiments to become a ghost hunter. I wanted to make a cute looking character with a dark Lovecraftian backstory, I just love the idea of an angel conducting dark experiments in attempt learn about ghosts and undead.

I like doodle pages, so I decided to make a doodle page for Eryth with a variety of poses and expressions. ( I haven’t got a scan yet, so this picture will have to do. I will also add colour to this, and bring her to life a bit more). I chose her colour palette so that as a being, she looks light, however her clothes are supposed to reflect that she is fallen, and now experiments with darkness.